Every single bit of tech you use throughout the day in the home, office and public has a different way of working.

Learning how to use each device can be overwhelming and can leave you feeling left behind if you cannot get to grips with it.

OBRART aims to take the stress out of technology by providing setup support, training and full project management services.


Here at OBRART, we've found that general technical support, over the phone in stores or on the internet, can be an incredibly time-consuming, confusing and ultimately frustrating experience.

We want to help you cut through all that noise and get the support, service and advice that you truly deserve.


You tell us what tech you're having trouble with and we'll do our best to help you out with it as honestly as possible


We'll talk to you about your needs and offer you a non-biased opinion on what solution would suit your situation


Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and more... we can help you get to grips with software through personal tutorials at a variety of levels


All our services and solutions start with understanding your needs. We will never offer a solution that would be too complex, expensive or unnecessary for you. We are an impartial knowledge service and are not paid to recommend any particular tech.

OBRART is local and honest support

We can help you remotely or one-to-one locally within the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area. We will always be up front with any service fees and completely transparent with the cost of any recommended solutions. Unfortunately, we do not know how to solve every single tech problem in the world, during our free consultation we will always let you know if there is a chance we cannot help and will never charge for an incomplete job.