Modern technology is an absolute marvel that everyone should be able to enjoy. Tech should enhance and enrich your life, not be a constant pain in your side.

We want to make tech simpler and more approachable for everyone.


Elliott is the man behind OBRART and has spent the past few years supporting businesses with their tech solutions, complex data analysis and project management. He also creates websites and can usually be found messing around with his latest gadget purchase.

Tabby is Elliott's long-term partner and looks after the business finances and their cat, Pimlico.


Pricing is bespoke to your issues and the workload involved. We will always be upfront with pricing and tell you the fee before we commence any work.

It all depends on distance needed to travel, time taken and complexity of task(s) - this can range from a flying visit to fix something small or a quick device setup; up to a week/month long web design project or regular checkup sessions.